Who is Gigi?

Gigi Kids&Design is the story of a dream come true, growing and developing with the heartbeats of a baby with tiny hands and feet, but with a love worth the whole world.

Exploring the world that was transformed with the presence of another life growing inside her and setting out for her dreams right at that moment, the Senior Interior Architect K. Gizem Gözener has been designing special and comfortable areas for all children under Gigi Kids&Design.

Combining the maternity excitement and architectural expertise, Gigi quietly slips into the mysterious world of children and designs furniture that will contribute to their anatomic and psychological development.

Gigi Kids & Design, where master craftsmanship is transformed into tiny furniture with iconic silhouette and timeless upholstery fabric, guarantees its convenience with its range of products offered to children of different ages.

Offering collections that include classics adapted to the present and original reproductions as well as customized designs, the brand has the motto of “priority for children” with its supremely creative furniture in sophisticated sizes.

Giving life to many unique pieces of furniture ranging from durable and secure Chester armchairs to chairs, from decorative and cute tables to coffee tables, Gigi produces for children who dream and hold on to their dreams, contrary to the approach that limits the world of children to cartoon characters only and supports sexist understanding with the selection of colors. And its products do add some motion to the colorful and mysterious world of children.

Preferred by children who have firm feet on the ground, Gigi Kids&Design turns the dreams of self-confident, active and creative children into reality.